Whole Bean vs. Pre-Ground

To obtain the absolute best tasting and freshest cup, coffee must be ground just prior to brewing. Proper brewing technique is important as well, but even if you only change the fact that you use fresh roasted coffee and grind your coffee just prior to brewing (rather than using pre-ground coffee) the taste will improve greatly! While a burr grinder is definitely best, an inexpensive blade grinder will work for most brewing methods. (Not Espresso) Try to get the grind size as consistent as possible by using a "pulse" method. If you really want the best cup of coffee, we promise it's worth spending a few extra dollars on a decent burr grinder. It should also be noted that you must use the proper ratio of coffee to water to obtain the best tasting cup. If you don"t have a burr grinder and you will use all of your coffee within one week, asking us to grind it might be a good option. Lots of info online regarding grinding and brewing techniques! 


L to R: Baratza Encore Burr Grinder, Chemex Pour Over Brewer, Kitchen Aid Blade Grinder, French Press