About Wood Warbler Coffee

 We are a family owned and operated Small Batch Coffee Roaster offering a variety of ethically sourced specialty coffees from around the world. Our coffee is fresh roasted several times weekly in small batches to ensure the finest quality. 

 We started Wood Warbler Coffee to raise funds for the conservation of natural habitat for migratory song birds and other wildlife. When you purchase Wood Warbler Coffee, you're not only supporting bird and wildlife friendly farming practices in Latin America and beyond, you're also supporting bird and wildlife habitat conservation right here in the U.S.A.! 

 Please contact us to register your conservation organization as a Wood Warbler Coffee Conservation Partner! It's FREE and the organization receives a 10% donation from each bag of their coffee sold on our website! info@woodwarblercoffee.com

 *In addition to donating 10% of qualifying sales proceeds to participating Conservation Partners, a minimum of 1% of ALL sales proceeds from Wood Warbler Coffee will be donated to the Indiana Non-game Wildlife Fund. There are more than 750 endangered animals in Indiana that need your help. It is entirely funded through voluntary contributions. Funds are used exclusively for the protection, conservation, management and identification of non-game and endangered species. No state tax dollars used. (Photo: Canada Warbler)