Ethiopia SMBC*

Ethiopia SMBC*

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Our first Smithsonian certified Bird Friendly African coffee! 

- Sweet, Orange Citrus, Peach, Soft, Creamy Body 

- Medium Roast

- 12 oz. & 5 Lb. Bags

Asikana Coffee was founded based in the deep community ties that founders Bodja Gelalecha and his family have had to the Western Wollega region of Ethiopia for over 200 years. Their goal is to improve the livelihoods of their community members through by developing and educating members on high quality coffee production.

“The Bird Friendly certification is so important for us because the existence of birds in the coffee farm shows there is peace and biodiversity on the farm, birds feed on and reduce insects and worms that can damage coffee plants, birds play a vital role in the distribution of shade trees for the coffee, and also we love them for recreational and mind refreshment purposes,” said Mengistu of Asikana Coffee, “We feel very good when we see birds and other wildlife in our coffee farm because it shows the coffee farm is safe with no chemicals applied to the field.”

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